Is Xi Jinping Losing Confidence? A Closer Look at Recent Events

Is Xi Jinping Losing Confidence? A Closer Look at Recent Events

Due to floods, economic downturn, and allegations of adultery among senior executives, do you feel like you’re withdrawing, saying, “I don’t want to see anyone?”

​​Chinese President Xi Jinping visiting the BRICS summit held in South Africa (Photo: Representative photo/Reuters/Aflo)

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At the BRICS Summit held in South Africa, the weak figure of Chinese President Xi Jinping caught my eye.
In China, in addition to the economic stagnation, the damage caused by the great floods, the personnel confusion of the cadres and the liberation army, etc., the fraying of the Xi Jinping administration is beginning to burst out all at once.
Is Xi Jinping starting to lose motivation and confidence as he seizes overwhelming power in his third term?

(Kaori Fukushima: Journalist)

In China, the attitude of lying down is prevalent. It is a keyword that means a lethargic attitude of sabotage, no matter what you do, no reward, and it has become a buzzword for several years. If you protest in an unfair situation, you may be arrested for provocation, social disturbance, or in the worst case, inciting subversion of state power, so what can you do to protect yourself? It can be said that it is best not to do anything and not to resist.

There is also the view that doing nothing itself is an action of resistance. However, since the beginning of August, Xi Jinping himself has a reputation for being “shy”. He did not show any presence in the countermeasures against the great floods in Beijing, Hebei, and Northeast China*1, and his movements at the Beidaihe conference were also unknown. Even the diplomatic news of his visit to South Africa and his attendance at the BRICS summit, which he did not appear in front of the media for about three weeks and appeared in the media for the first time in three weeks, is somewhat feeble and lacking in clarity.

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*1: Please see the following JBpress article about the Great Flood in China
China’s inhumane flood control exposed by the great flood, sacrificing 1 million local people to protect Beijing
◎ The Great Flood in Beijing, China was a “man-made disaster”.

According to one theory, over the past few weeks, Xi Jinping has tended to stay in his room, not wanting to see anyone, and has decided to do nothing. How can Xi Jinping, who is supposed to be the supreme power and dictator of the party and the state, and who is supposed to be at the peak of the spring of our world, be “shy”? What is happening to Xi Jinping?

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