Is there hope for a fight with Covid-19? The Oxford vaccine is said to be working

“The study found that the vaccine works effectively in cells. The immune system is then ready to recognize the disease and fight it without getting sick,” he writes. Daily Mail.

According to David Matthews, one of the experts who studied the effectiveness of the vaccine, the study is very important. Thanks to it, the researchers were able to confirm that the genetic information that is the basis of the vaccine is behaving correctly.

“Until now, technology has not been able to provide clear answers, but now we know that the vaccine is doing everything we expected. This is good news in our fight against the disease,” Matthews said.

At the same time, the study found that a huge amount of coronavirus S-protein is produced in the body with great precision. The vaccine uses only minimal genetic information from the virus. Information about the S-protein that connects to cells is added. The vaccine thus triggers a reaction in the human cell that makes copies of the protein, and anti-virus substances are formed after vaccination.

The vaccine is already in the third, and therefore noon, phase of clinical trials. Tens of thousands of people are involved. However, one of the volunteers died in Brazil. Read more in this article on


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