Is there an abnormality in sex all the time, and how can I cope?

We all have normal sexual desires. But what if there is a desire for sex all the time? Whether working, studying, travelingExercise Or doing any activity Kept on wandering about sex all day long Are in the mood for sex all the time Is this normal or not? If you want to know Let’s find out together in this article of Hello Doctor.

Why is there a constant sexual arousal?

Sex drive Or factors that cause sexual desire, there are many reasons. And varies from person to person The common causes are as follows.

Hormone levels influence behavior and clinical symptoms.healthOf people always if the level of hormones in the body fluctuate. Our body will change in mood, feelings and Especially if the hormone testosterone (Testosterone) is very high, it will affect the sexual arousal causing more sexual desire than normal.

  • Emotional and social influence

Sexual feelings It can come from a stimulated emotional influence. Feelings of excitement, embarrassment, fear from surrounding influences can produce more sexual feelings than usual. It may come from being teased talking to receiving sexual information from various media. All of these factors can play a role in arousing sexual arousal. Even if you are in a society where sex is openly revealed. It does not make sexually a taboo. Or is it something that doesn’t look good It even contributes to the more easily aroused sexual feelings

Food has a direct effect on our body. The most obvious is that we will feel full after eating a large meal. Certain foods have properties that stimulate sexual desire. Eating foods that are sexually stimulating can produce more sex drive than usual.

  • Alcohol and certain drugs

Drinking alcohol affects body regulation. Can cause a feeling of loss of control Unknowingly saying or doing anything when intoxicated More than that Alcohol also plays a role in stimulating sexual desire. Including taking certain drugs that have properties to stimulate sexual arousal, it can cause a surge of sexual feelings as well.

  • Libido

Libido (Hypersexuality) is a condition in which the body has a very high sex drive. May be caused by existing health symptoms Mental health problems Or side effects fromMedicineUsed to cause the sexual desire to come up in an acute or extreme

Sex-stimulating factors differ in women and men.

In addition to the general causes of the above The factors that affect sexual desire in women and men are also different. Which can be classified as follows


  • During menstruation

During the time when women have menstruation It is a time when the hormones in the body fluctuate a lot. The increase in certain hormones has an effect on sexual feelings.

  • Period of ovulation

The period when women ovulate. This is another period when hormone levels fluctuate and the body experiences high fertility. Thus contributing to increased sexual desire And increases the chance of getting pregnant at a higher level

  • Full bladder

When your bladder is full or the bladder is bulging Will be the time when we feel a lot of urination pain This is the rhythm that the vaginal clitoris and urethra are tight and tight together. It may create pressure until it can stimulate sexual arousal.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy is another rhythm of life in which a woman’s hormones are inversely determined. It can lead to mood swings easily, feeling hurt, angry, or sometimes stimulating sexual desire.


  • Orgasm

The study found that Orgasm Or masturbation in men It is one of the factors that drive sex drive higher than usual.

  • Stimulation

In everyday use of men There may be situations that arise unintentionally. Whether it is being rubbed on the genitals Being touched by a hand or object on the genitals, even the slightest of pulling, can trigger an erection.

Have frequent sexual arousal Is that wrong?

Of course everyone Have sex with them The emotional sex often. Or more than others It doesn’t mean that you are wrong at all. It is a normal thing that can happen to anyone. And it’s not a shameful thing. Some people may have less emotional sex.

While some people have a lot of sex drive. This will vary from person to person. However, if your constant sex drive affects your daily life, such as distraction in work. Lose personality Or have problems with family relationships You should see a doctor or specialist.

Are in the mood for sex all the time But the lover is not in the mood What should I do?

This is one of the problems with people who are sexually aroused all the time, because it is not always the same time our partner or partner has feelings of sex with us. This can often lead to fights. Mutual dissatisfaction Which will eventually become a relationship problem

The main thing is to open up You need to be open-minded to talk about your problems for the other party to understand and listen. So that it does not pressure or force the other person to have sex as well. More than that Being open-minded will also lead to problem solving and finding solutions together so as not to interfere with your relationship.

In case if the lover does not really want to have sex. Having an orgasm is considered an innocent solution. Or if it will increase the excitement You can also ask your partner to look at you while masturbating. Making eye contact or touching may help you feel better. Or it may help motivate the other person to have an emotional connection, it is possible.

What to do if you feel like having sex all the time?

  1. Have sex often When there is a sexual arousal, we often want to achieve that orgasm. Sex is the best solution. (If possible) having sex often Will help relieve the feeling of sex to decrease Because it is the fulfillment of your sexual desires. But be sure you have safe sex. With a trusted partner And must not be coercion, rape or offense Or someone else’s husband
  2. Exercise Exercise regularly In addition to helping keep the body healthy It also helps to relieve the feeling of sex. Make hormones in the body in balance Stimulates the release of hormones that make you feel happy and feel good after exercise.
  3. Orgasm If you are one of those people who tend to have a lot of erotic flares. Masturbation or masturbating before leaving home to work. Can reduce the feeling of sex during the day to decrease.
  4. Find a hobby Some hobbies you are really passionate about. Whether listening to music, watching movies, reading, drawing, or playing games can distract your sexual interests or feelings.
  5. Consult with your doctor If your sex drive is so high that it affects your daily life Should find time to see your doctor To receive a diagnosis and seek advice


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