Is there a resident of Maine-et-Loire among the 108 players who shared 8 million euros in the lottery? – Angers Info


108 people will share the 8 million euro jackpot from the Loto draw on June 22, a first in the history of the game. These are players who bet via the online offer “Multichances”, launched in 2018 by la Française des jeux, which allows pooling of bets between a group of players who do not know each other and therefore playing a greater number of grids, while paying only part of the total cost.

In the event of a win, each player wins the amount equivalent to the number of shares held: la Française des jeux authorizing this pooling by “pack” of 100 or 600 grids.

On June 22, the winning “pack” of 600 grids was divided into 200 shares, shared among 108 players, some of whom bought only one, others two, someone five and 4 players bought 10 shares. . The associated gains therefore range between 40,684 euros and 406,847 euros.

For the moment, we do not yet know where the lucky ones come from.

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