Is there a difference between the sleep of a man and a woman: somnologists gave an unexpected answer

Author of the book “I Can’t Sleep” and somnologist Hans-Gunther Ves examined in detail all the questions of interest from a scientific point of view.

Sleep quality

Scientists have concluded that women need a little more sleep than men. On average, a woman should sleep half an hour longer than a man to feel well. Moreover, women’s sleep is considered to be of higher quality, that is, “deep”. Therefore, after waking up, do not rush to jump out of bed, now you have an official reason for another couple of minutes to rest before the work day.

Compliant rhythm

Men over 30 tend to rarely have trouble sleeping. But unusual early awakenings or late sleep-outs can affect their sleep quality. It is much more difficult for the stronger sex to change established habits, in contrast to women. Experts note that women fall asleep a little longer than men, and sex hormones are to blame for this.

Because of them, women have less pronounced temperature drop in the evening. The more blood is transported from the body to the extremities, the faster the internal body temperature drops. However, in women, hands and feet are often cold because blood cannot reach them. Therefore, many women often wear socks at night.


While women generally experience fewer sleep problems, insomnia is a frequent guest. Here, unfortunately, age or health does not play a role; according to the latest research, there is only one man for every three women suffering from insomnia.

Author: Anna Glotova

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