Is the universe a simulation? Scientifically explained

Simulation theory is the assertion that the universe is actually a computer program designed by another creature or force. It has also been argued that the number of those who believed in the theory was quite large. Physicist Melvin Vopson of the University of Portsmouth has announced that he will cover the issue in depth and clarify the situation with tests.

Simulation theory, which assumes that everything happens as a result of computer algorithms and equations, was advanced by John Archibald and dates back to the 1980s. So much so that Archibald argues that the basis of the universe is information.

Vopson has announced that it will be able to find out if this theory is correct with some tests it will run. However, there are some problems in the construction phase of the project. The scientist claimed that the project required 219 thousand dollars and prepared a donation campaign for this. However, he has only managed to raise $1,000 so far.

Vopson included the following sentences in his article in The Conversation;

In 1989, legendary physicist John Archibald Wheeler said that the universe is fundamentally mathematical and may have arisen from knowledge. So the whole world was made up of “pieces”. Similarly, Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity shows that time slows down near the black hole.

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