Is the parting certain? A surprising twist in “Love Island. The Island of Love”!

It looks like the couple who were considered the most certain on “Love Island.” The island of love may be parting ways soon. Piotr and Stella have doubts more and more often. In turn, Angela and Arsen seem to be getting more and more involved in their relationship, which is getting stronger every day. See what happened in the 31st episode of the love show!

In the last episode of “Love Island. The Island of Love” our Islanders celebrated Easter. Although the heroes of the love show are in Spain, the production took care of them and prepared them a Christmas breakfast, during which the islanders talked about the customs in their homes.

And what happened in the 31st Episode of “Love Island. The Island of Love”?

The episode started with a romantic chat between Waleria and Piotrek, who still cannot see the world outside of themselves. Ania and Czarek’s relationship is also developing more and more. Enchanted with each other, they made plans and divisions of future household duties. In the evening while toasting in the villa, Piotr, nicknamed “King Kong” in the last episode, received an SMS. His task was to present his dancing skills to all of Poland.

Waleria’s partner taught the other participants how to dance, which caused a burst of laughter every now and then. The atmosphere that evening was exhilarating!

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The next morning, Piotr decided to surprise his girlfriend by organizing a romantic breakfast in the garden. King Kong invited Valeria to a French breakfast, standing in front of the balcony and trying to play the role of Romeo. Surprised, Valeria went out to the balcony and could not help laughing, looking at her beloved. During breakfast in the garden, Waleria and Piotr told each other about their parents’ love stories.

In turn, Piotr and Stella had doubts again and the atmosphere between them gently cooled down …

“I have an impression that we are moving away from each other, so I am normally worried” – said Piotr.

Piotr confessed to Stella that he was fed up with slander that his chosen one was not fully with him. After a long conversation, the atmosphere between them cleared a little.

Angela received a text message from which she learned that she and Arsen were on a special date. As it turned out later, the islanders had the opportunity to go kayaking. Then they sat down on the beach to toast champagne.

While Arsen and Angela were on a date, Valeria and Carloine debated Stella and Peter’s relationship in the villa of love. Both stated that Piotr did not treat Sttella well, who would get along better with Czarek (who is paired with Ania).

What do you think about it? is the media patron of the program.

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