Is the domestic labor contract insurance service “mandatory”? important clarification from Musaned

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Musaned, the official platform for domestic labor services, revealed that the insurance service for domestic labor contracts was launched on a trial basis and is not mandatory.

She explained that insurance is limited to new domestic worker contracts that were concluded after the date of 1/22/2023, and the customer can benefit from it by agreeing to enter the “insurance service” upon contracting through the “Musaned” platform.

She indicated that in the event that the beneficiary does not wish to insure the recruitment contract, he can complete the contract without insurance by ignoring the insurance step at the present time and choosing “continue without insurance” in the first steps of the contract.

She added: In the event that the beneficiary enters the experimental category of insurance and wishes to exit, he can do so through the Contracts page in his account on the “Musaned” platform.

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