is taller than Xbox Series X!

These days the Digital Foundry collective is conducting analyzes on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 and Xbox Series X, obtaining a first, nice response: the flagship video card of the series NVIDIA Ampere exceeds Microsoft’s nextgen console in height!

In refuting the anticipations of early September on the comparison between the dimensions of RTX 3090 Xbox Series X and PS5, the guys from Digital Foundry have made a video that shows, in fact, the obvious difference in the height of the flagship GPU of the green house and the most powerful model of the new Xbox console family.

The comparison between the Founders Edition of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 e Xbox Series X highlights on the one hand the efforts made by Microsoft in designing a 12 TeraFlops console with design a torre relatively small in size, and on the other hand the commitment of the Santa Clara company in offering the most demanding PC gamers a real technological monster capable of unleashing a total power of 36 TFLOPs (Shader), 69 TFLOPs (RTX) and 285 TFLOPs (Tensor).

For the more curious, we also recommend reading our card with the comparison on the size of PS5 and Xbox Series X, finally made possible by the latest information shared by Sony and Microsoft with the official technical specifications of their respective next generation consoles.

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