“Is strong against yellow clothes? Actually…” Son Heung-min’s story


Yesterday (12th) after giving an interview with Son Heung-min in the newsroom, many viewers responded that they were disappointed because the time was short. I will continue today’s backstory. Sohn Heung-min, who is said to become stronger when it meets yellow, will challenge Fulham, who wears a yellow uniform, to score the 151th goal in Europe tomorrow, and he also talked about his feelings about this pleasant jinx.

This is Onnuri reporter.


This scene, which no one expected, even surprised by director Moinho, was selected as Tottenham’s’December Goal’ yesterday.

This goal, which a European statistics company evaluated as a high-level goal that succeeds twice in 100 rounds, but Son Heung-min, in fact, confessed behind the scenes that he did not know whether it would be a goal.

[손흥민/토트넘 : 사실 이제 슛했을 때는 공이 되게 떠 보였어요. 아 떴다라고 생각했는데 공이 뚝 떨어지더라고요. 사실 거리가 그렇게 먼지도 몰랐고.]

While scoring the best goals, he said that from last season, with the modifier’world class’, the praise of world footballers continues every day, which is a motivation to do better.

[손흥민/토트넘 : 조금 과장해서 얘기해준 것 같아요. 좋아해 주시고, 열심히 하는 모습을 좋게 봐주셔서 얘기하신 것 같은데. 그 칭찬에 보답을 해야 하는 게 축구선수로서, 어떤 한 사람으로서 당연히 해야 하는 것으로 생각을 하고.]

Fans who feel the joy through Son Heung-min who travels the world, Son Heung-min gained such power through his childhood, soccer senior Park Ji-sung.

[손흥민/토트넘 : 지성이형을 보면서 프리미어리그라는 꿈을 이제 느끼게 됐고. 지성이 형이 정말 제일 어려운 걸음을 해주시고. 그 닦아놓은 길을 제가 잘 따라가고 있다고 생각을 해요.]

Tottenham 100 goal scored with a yellow ball.

In addition, of the 150 goals scored in Europe, the twenty-four goals matched yellow opponents such as Dortmund and Chelsea, so fans say Son Heung-min has a special relationship with yellow.

Moreover, tomorrow, the opponent Son Heung-min will meet to challenge the 13th goal is Fulham in a yellow uniform, so fans’ expectations are higher.

[손흥민/토트넘 : 사실 근데 축구선수 축구팀에서 골키퍼든 심판이든 노랑색을 입는 경우들이 되게 많잖아요. 하도 듣다 보니까 속아 들어가는 약간 그런 느낌이에요.]

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