Is SSC’s speed record a hoax?

Various voices see bones in the record video of the SSC Tuatara, which went over 500 km / h. They were right, because SSC admits that there are errors in the video. They remain certain of their record and promise a correction soon.

Overview :

With a lot of fanfare SSC announced last week that they had broken the speed record for production cars with the Tuatara, a hypercar with a 5.9 liter V8 with two turbos. On E85 fuel good for 1,750 hp, the Tuatara achieved an average speed of 508.72 km / h in two directions during the record attempt, with a peak speed of 532.93 km / h. The speed was measured by a Dewetron GPS system and the video was shared with Top Gear. That should be the end of it. But not everyone was convinced.

Problems with the video

The well-known YouTuber Shmee150 was one of the first and especially one of the loudest voices that saw bones in the video. He was able to determine that the telemetry shown on the video does not match the images from inside the car itself. The road markings and landmarks along the closed Nevada road are slower than they should, the gear ratios would be off, and the speed is going up much faster than it could be. Dewetron also does not want to confirm that they helped with the telemetry.

Response from SSC

Jerod Shelby, the CEO of SSC and in appearance the American Christian Von Koenigsegg, has meanwhile responded to the allegations. He admits that there were errors in the video, or at least that the onboard video is a montage and not the official video that is also sent to Guinness World Records for verification. Shelby promises to release a correct video and all data soon to remove all doubts. Gearbox ratios would also differ from what is claimed, allowing a top speed of 533 km / h in 6th gear (out of 7). Then there’s Dewetron’s odd statement, but Shelby promises to send the equipment to the company for verification. To be continued…

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