Is Peter Maffay actually a corona denier? Music legend reacts to bad allegations

Peter Maffay is now enough: Due to a controversial statement, the Tabaluga founder is accused of actually being a corona denier – now he is reacting!

Tutzing – As a singer and musician, Peter Maffay (71) has achieved everything: The Tabaluga co-founder published in the course of his eventful career record-breaking 19 number one albums and sat impressively in German-speaking Rock* and Pop* by.

Now, however, bad allegations overshadow the 71-year-old’s successes: Peter Maffay is said to be in a controversial statement as corona deniers. The rocker doesn’t want to let that sit on him – he reacts!

Peter Maffay takes a stand: The 71-year-old singer was accused of having come out as a corona denier with a controversial statement

© Frank Molter/dpa/picture alliance

Peter Maffay takes a stand on Corona statements – Tabaluga singer clarifies via social media

Like the examples of the former “DSDS” jurors Xavier Naidoo (49) or Michael Wendler (48) – both of whom were employed because of questionable statements RTL* lost – show is also the music industry not immune to conspiracy theorists. Now rock legend Peter Maffay will also be faced with the grave allegationto have unmasked as a crosshead with a critical statement on the subject of Corona.

Like the 71-year-old at Facebook* and Instagram* writes is a quote taken out of context (“I have more and more the feeling that the corona protection, the mask, is becoming a muzzle”) the reason for the serious allegations. But Peter Maffay takes a clear position in his post and expressly rejects such allegations: “To be clear: I have nothing to do with the so-called conspiracy theorists, with the corona deniers even less. I have said that repeatedly. “

Peter Maffay distances himself from corona deniers – Tabaluga co-inventor criticizes

Peter Maffay also promises “Did not migrate to another ‘camp'” to be – a relief for many fans who praise the 71-year-old Tabaluga co-inventor in the comments for his honesty and at the same time sharply criticize pop singer Michael Wendler, who tried to make Maffay’s statement to instrumentalize for his own purposes.

The ones decided on due to the pandemic Requirements and restrictions the rock musician is nevertheless critical, as he admits in his post: “Nonetheless – and this is reflected in society as a whole – we are obliged to protect our democratic rights secured by our legislation from creeping erosion.” Peter Maffay relates clearly Position against conspiracy theorists and consorts, but retains – regarding the latest decisions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic – a healthy dose of skepticism.

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Headline list image: © Frank Molter / Federico Gambarini / Britta Pedersen / dpa / picture alliance

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