Is my child covered by his school insurance during his internship?

Is your child going to do an internship during their studies? It’s a chance, because this opportunity will certainly allow him to see more clearly about his professional future. For this course to go as well as possible, it is essential that your child is well covered in the event of a loss caused or suffered. Fortunately, school insurance is there to protect him. Here are those guarantees.

What are the school insurance guarantees in the context of an internship?

School insurance is obligatory for internship periods. Indeed, a trainee does not benefit from the same protection as the other employees of a company. With the school insurance, the student benefits from a public liability and one individual accident cover.

The bodily injury or property damage caused or suffered by your child may therefore be covered by the insurance, as well as medical expenses following a accident. An assistance service, compensation following a death or to a disabilitycan also be offered to you according to your contract.

Why choose Carrefour school insurance for my child’s internship?

Many insurance companies now offer school and extra-curricular insurance contracts. Here are the benefits of Carrefour school insurance.

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Carrefour Assurance covers children and young people adults. The guarantees of the school and extra-school insurance contract work for children of 2 ans until 26 ans gone.

What if my child breaks medical equipment during their internship?

Your child is doing his internship in a medical or paramedical structure and he has unfortunately broken some equipment. For example, if he is on an internship in a hospital, he has dropped a blood pressure monitor and it no longer works, does he have to pay out of pocket to have the equipment repaired? Hopefully not ! Carrefour Assurance’s school insurance automatically includes the public liability which compensates material damage caused by your child, through negligence or imprudence on his internship site.

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What if my child falls ill or is the victim of an accident at his place of internship?

Carrefour Assurance’s school insurance includes a individual accident cover (GIA) which covers your child in the event of physical damage suffered, whether he injured himself alone, accidentally, and whether there is someone responsible for the accident, known or not. Thus, if your child is the victim of an accident on his place of internship, for example if someone makes him fall and he breaks his arm, the GIA offers the reimbursement of hospitalization and medical expenses remained at your expense, after intervention by the compulsory health insurance scheme, and, where applicable, by complementary health insurance. It also allows you to benefit from appropriate coverage if your child becomes the disabled due to an accident.

What if my child is prosecuted following an accident he allegedly caused?

In the event that your child causes an accident which injures an employee at his internship location and the latter takes legal action, Carrefour Assurance’s school insurance includes a “Recourse – Criminal defense” guarantee. This warranty provides a participation in defense costs in the event of legal proceedings before a civil, criminal or administrative court, on the charge of an offense or a contravention, when the stake is greater than €150.

What are examples of support?

Let’s imagine that your child is on an internship in a pastry shop and that without wanting to, he drops a hot plate on the leg of an employee. If the latter must be hospitalized, then the school insurance will cover the costs related to his injury.

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Another example: your child is pushed around by his boss, he falls and breaks his eyeglasses. In this case, Carrefour Assurance’s school and out-of-school insurance will cover the equipment up to 500 euros.

Finally, imagine that your child is on a work placement and falls into a hole. Unfortunately it becomes the disabled following this accident. If his degree of disability is between 10.01% and 66%, then the amount of compensation by the Carrefour Assurance school insurance will be €50,000. If the degree of disability is equal to or greater than 66%, then the amount of compensation will be €155,000.

Internship civil liability insurance: how does it work?

A child must be covered under the public liability. This guarantee allows the trainee to be covered in the event of material, immaterial or bodily damage that he could cause to others.

As part of a paid internship, the corporate liability is liable for all damages (bodily injury, material, etc.) suffered by the trainee during his working hours or on the journey between home and business.

The trainee’s civil liability is engaged if he is a student of the superior and that the internship is unpaid.

Finally, if the trainee is at college or high schoolthen it is the civil liability of establishment who will be liable in the event of damage caused by the student.

Internship agreement and civil liability: how does it work?

To do an internship in a company, the intern must always sign a internship agreement. It will be necessary to join annexe to this agreement your certificate of civil liability which will prove that your child is well covered.

If you have taken out school insurance with Carrefour Assurance, then you can find this certificate in your online customer area, or you can also request it by e-mail at [email protected], or by telephone. on 09 69 39 30 29 (press 2; non-surcharged call).

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