Is MLS better than Liga MX? This is how ‘Chicharito’ responds

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez will be the captain of All Star Team de la MLS. LA Galaxy forward missed the last edition of the duel against Liga MX due to injury, but this time he said he was ready to face the challenge.

It is an honor and a pleasure, I feel grateful when they invite me, it is a great experience, there are many people who want to see us, it is very good to connect with the fans and play against Liga MX teams”, he mentioned.

The The growth of the MLS in recent years has put on the table the debate on how close it is to Liga MX in terms of football. Hernández, who arrived at the US tournament a couple of tournaments ago, stated that the development of Major League Soccer goes hand in hand with that of Liga MX.

It is not easy, a lot of time, patience, we are in 2022, the MLS was not as big years ago as it is now, these are things that require time to develop and are things that must enter people’s minds, it is part of the life, competition is something that makes you better, we are neighboring countries, I am Mexican representing MLS, I am captain against a team from Liga MX,” he added.

Yes ok, the MLS gives greater complications to the Mexican teamsAccording to Hernández, there is still a long way to go to match the level.

There are results that are a consequence of how the league has improved in recent years, but the important thing is that we learn, adopt the positive things and improve what needs to be improved. Liga MX has been around longer than MLS, but we can win, that’s why we’re here, we want to help this league improve,” he asserted.

Accustomed to being antagonists, Carlos Vela and Javier Hernández will break the dynamic and will share ranks on the MLS All-Star team.

Happy to be with Carlos, to share a dressing room with him, he has been a great partner, he is a great friend, we have had many experiences, fun moments, happy to be with him, “he said.


I’m always open, I’ve tried to do the best in my head to continue doing the best for my team and if the calls come, that’s up to the coach, I’m still open to the possibility otherwise I would have already withdrawn from the national team, I’ll continue doing in the best way on the field, also in my opinion and we will see in the future”, he concluded.


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