Is Masturbation Really Effective in Preventing Prostate Cancer?

VIVAprostate cancer become a frightening specter for many men because of the risk of a high mortality rate. Not a few are trying to make various prevention efforts, including by masturbating. However, is it the right move?

Described the Chair of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, dr. Agus Rizal Ardy Hariandy Hamid, Sp. U (K) Ph.D., in various views, masturbation is still a matter of debate. For that, the best way to ejaculation is to have sex with a partner.

“Masturbation is still debated from a religious perspective as well. It is best for husband and wife relationships. And this (cancer prevention) is usually associated with ejaculation which needs to be routine,” he said in a virtual event some time ago.


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