Is Leveraging Shares Buying Haram? (Economy and finance, Islam, trade)

I want to invest 40% in stocks, 20% in real estate, 20% in cash and 20% in precious metals.

Shares – price fluctuations, crashes, uncertainties due to corona, bankruptcies, nationalization, expropriation, etc. (e.g. MSCI World, MSCI Emerging Markets)

Real estate – historically highly valued compared to stocks, indirect investment via open real estate funds (high fees, valuation not with market prices, risk of liquidation, if too many want to sell, cannot be sold daily, relatively unprofitable), real estate stocks / REIT ETFs (price fluctuations similar to stocks).

Cash – (almost) no more interest, neither with overnight nor with fixed-term deposits, at least in most currencies including the euro, negative interest after deduction of inflation / taxes. Due to the extremely expansionary monetary policy of the central banks, significantly higher inflation rates are also conceivable (e.g. euro overnight money account)

Precious metals – do not give any income such as dividends, rental income or interest, are as volatile or even more volatile as the stock market, physically high costs for delivery, safe custody, taxes, etc. (e.g. physical gold and silver, in terms of value 3: 1)

As you can see, I’m very critical of all asset classes, but think that’s the best combination for me. What do you all mean?



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