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Is Shopaholicadel Kazma’s next project? In recent days, a number of speculations have been spreading on the Internet, but also strong evidence that the well-known entertainer Kamil Bartošek alias Kazma is behind the creation of the bizarre influencer. However, some time ago he announced the end of his work and retirement. However, this could be a very well thought out move in advance. Fans are expecting a big comeback and another viral blockbuster.

Do you remember the biggest TV scandal in the Czech Republic? In 2017, internet entertainer Kamil Bartošek alias Kazma and his entire One Man Show crew stood behind him. It was a staged episode of the program Prostřeno!, in which Kazma not only revealed the practices of filming a reality show, but above all pointed out Tourette’s syndrome. He “sent” Karel Ondrka alias a man with twenty diopters, a permanent erection, a hen named Babiš and a coffin instead of a bed to the show.

Kazm’s video mapping the perfect scam on one of the most watched Czech TV stations went viral and can still be viewed on Stream.

Is Kazma also worth Shopaholicadel?

And Kazma is responsible for many other projects with a similar message, which were intended to draw society’s attention to a disease or a certain issue. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are now widely speculating that Kazma is also behind the creation of the influencer Shopaholicadel. In a short time, she became a viral star of the Czech Internet – mainly thanks to her bizarre behavior, which to some extent is behind her illness. The influencer reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder.

There are several clues behind the speculation

There are a number of indications behind the speculations, which could actually correspond to the fact that Shopaholicadel is one of Kazm’s other projects. All the “evidence” was summarized by a YouTuber Morry Twitch in his video. One of the clues is, for example, the matching of numbers. The number under which Adéla competed in SuperStar matches Kazma’s buried car. Also the same chains, Adéla’s interview with Mikýř and many others.
However, Kazma announced his retirement some time ago, as we are they wrote. But even that would correspond to speculation. People are expecting a spectacular comeback and another viral bombshell. This is confirmed by the entertainer himself on his social networks. Will be back when the time is right,” in translation “I’ll be back when the time is right,” writes to Instagram. That the bomb was actually Shopaholicadel, however, seems highly unlikely…

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