Is it true that cash can transmit Covid-19? This is the Fact


JAKARTA – Cash is believed to be a medium Covid-19 contagion . This led to a drastic change in the way people use money today.

To find out how long the infection Covid-19 survive on coins and banknotes, the researchers examined various coins and banknotes with a solution containing the virus and observed how long virus it was detected.

The findings showed that while Covid-19 was still present on the surface of the stainless steel after seven to 10 days, it only took three days to disappear from the banknotes.

In contrast, on coins with lower monetary value, usually made of copper, it can take up to six days before the virus is not detected.

“The rapid drop in the 5-cent fraction is because it’s made of copper, where the virus is known to be less stable,” said Dr Daniel Todt.

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Todt and his team are also trying to determine how the virus is transferred from the surface of the money to the fingertips. They contaminate banknotes, coins and credit cards like PVC plates with viruses.

Under a controlled setting, the surface is then touched by the test subject, allowing researchers to determine the number of transmitted virus particles that are still infectious.

“As soon as the liquid dries, there is practically no transmission of the infectious virus. Under realistic conditions, Covid-19 infection from cash is very unlikely,” explained Todt.

This observation is consistent with previous studies showing that most infections occur via aerosols and droplets.

The researcher noted that although they conducted the study using a sample virus varian Alpha , the shelf life of the variants studied so far is no different from the original Covid-19 virus.

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“We assume that other variants, such as the currently dominant delta variant, also behave similarly,” explains Professor Eike Steinmann.




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