Is it true that breakfast can lower sugar levels for diabetics? Fact Check

Portal Banyuwangi – The following is information about the fact that breakfast can lower sugar levels for diabetics.

Breakfast has become a community tradition and habit before starting their activities in the morning.

Although, to this day the benefits of breakfast are also not known for sure other than to fill energy.

Some people think that breakfast can help the diet process, but not a few also call it a myth.

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Keep in mind, the body does need food intake to fill energy during activities from morning to afternoon.

Quoted Portal Banyuwangi from the People’s Mind, with an article entitled “Haram for Diabetics to Eat, Two Powerful Breakfast Menus to Overcome Blood Sugar“For diabetics, breakfast is said to be very important to do.

Breakfast seems to be considered to be able to help reduce the risk of other diseases in diabetics.

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