Is it Safe to Give Innards for Baby Solids? Experts Clarify

Is it Safe to Give Innards for Baby Solids? Experts Clarify

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Friday, 01 Sep 2023 07:30 WIB

Illustration. Consuming offal for solids is actually fine as long as it’s not excessive. (Istockphoto/Oksun70)

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Lots parent still question the safety of consumption innards for PAIN aka complementary foods.

Complementary food generally can only be given after the baby enters the age of 6 months. The menu choices are now more diverse. Parents certainly try to provide a complementary food menu that is rich in nutrients.

Offal is one of the MPASI menus that is quite highlighted. Some time ago there was a lot of news about the intake of innards in babies which are considered to be dangerous. Is that right?

Offal itself is food that comes from the internal organs of animals, both chicken and beef. The negative image of offal appears due to its relatively high cholesterol content.

However, it’s actually okay if you want to give innards to your little one’s solids. This was disclosed by pediatrician Radhian Amandito on his Instagram account a few days ago.

“Although it is known to have a high fat content, a number of studies have found that consuming offal in children under two years does not increase the risk of cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes in the future,” said Radhian in a video he uploaded on his Instagram account @radhiants. has requested permission to quote the upload.

Radhian said that offal is a nutrient-rich food choice for babies. Chicken liver, for example, which contains protein, fat, iron, and minerals needed for the growth and development of babies.

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Iron itself is one of the main nutrients needed by babies aged 6-12 months. The reason is, the baby’s growth is so fast that they are deficient in iron.


Apart from chicken liver, mothers can also provide intake of egg yolks, tuna, shellfish, broccoli to salmon as a source of iron for your little one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also does not recommend limiting fat intake in complementary foods. The reason is, fat itself is considered important for brain development and baby weight gain.

“So whatever the type of innards, as long as they are cooked properly and according to daily needs, they are safe kok eaten by the little one,” said Radhian.

Illustration. Offal for baby solids is actually fine. (Thinkstock/M-image)

The same thing was also expressed by nutritionist Iskari Ngadiarti. Iskari welcomes parents who want to give chicken hearts to their little ones as solids.

“Chicken liver may be given when children are 6 months and over,” said Iskari, quoting detikfood.

Apart from being high in iron, chicken liver also has a soft texture that makes it easy for babies to digest. Iskari suggests giving chicken liver in one meal as much as 20-35 grams.

Not all innards can be used for baby solids

However, the same does not apply to other innards such as intestines and lungs. Iskari suggested that this type of innards be given when children reach the age of 3 and over. At this age, children have complete teeth so they can chew smoothly.

“Child [3 tahun ke atas] already have complete teeth so they can chew smoothly and foods with high fat content are easier to digest,” explained Iskari.

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Iskari also reminded the processing of chicken intestines to be considered as well as possible. Clean the intestines until there is no dirt left before cooking.

Boil until boiling so that the bacteria in it die. Discard the remaining boiled water, and the intestines can be processed into a delicious dish.

This is an explanation about offal for baby solids. So, go ahead if you want to give innards such as chicken or beef liver.


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