Is it possible to travel to another province?

Many people have asked us about this and the solution, as you will see below, is very simple. It is still possible to travel to other provinces during the de-escalation, but in very specific cases.

The state of alarm for coronavirus remains in force, although we are in the de-escalation phase. That is why the rules that we had during the confinement are still in force, although new regulations have been adhered to these that have to do with the different phases that we are currently experiencing.

What does this imply? That it is forbidden to leave the province, a priori until the new normal phase. No Spaniard can cross the borders of where he lives except for the reasons stated in the state of alarm, in which we continue to be.

  1. For buy food, pharmaceuticals and essentials
  2. To assist centers, services and health establishments.
  3. For traveling to the workplace to carry out your work, professional or business benefit
  4. For return to the place of your habitual residence
  5. To assist in caring for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.
  6. For go to financial institutions and insurance.
  7. Due to force majeure or situation of need
  8. Any other activity of a similar nature to be done individually, unless accompanied by people with disabilities, minors or for other justified reasons.

Therefore, if you have to travel to another province for any of the cases mentioned above, you can do it without any problem. Of course, you will have to document the reason for the trip to avoid being fined, but in these eight cases it is allowed to move to another province.

de-escalated province change

Evidently, the most common are to work or return to habitual residence. In both cases it is allowed to do so, although in the second you will have to justify that you did not skip the confinement when you left your home. The same thing happens, for example, if you live in a border town. If you go to the supermarket in the next town, which is already located in another province, because there is none in yours, you can do it.

The same happens if you have to go to the bank, to take care of an elderly person or to take care of one of your children. All this is allowed, as long as the exit can be justified of the province with evidence before the police.

So traveling between provinces is still allowed, but as you can see, the cases are very specific and leave the majority of Spaniards out until, at least, the arrival of the new normal.

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