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In the company o the signature is part of the identity of each person and is so important that it is reflected in one of the essential documents to carry out any type of procedure: the freedom to vote or of INE. For this reason, the ideal would be that you like the signature you create, as it will be part of yours legal identity.

The time to choose your signature comes at the age of 18, when the freedom to vote and from now on that rubric will be present in every document, contract, procedure or transaction you perform such as buying a house or until a will is drawn up, but, Can you change the signature in your INE?

The answer is yes, but doing it involves a whole process, which, while not complicated, requires time, patience and a series of procedures that you must follow. If this is your case, The financial one guides you step by step how to change your signature.

What are the steps to change the INE signature?

In the first place, it should be noted that among the procedures carried out by art National Electoral Institute (INE) The signature change does not appear as such, but you have another option to make the change.

  1. Go to an INE form or its website to make an appointment. Select the option to replace your credential or to do so data correction.
  2. They will ask for documents like proof of addressbirth certificate and an identity document with a photograph such as: military card, professional driving license, passport or driving license, among others.
  3. Then you will have to go to the selected date and time at INE module to continue with the process.
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We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment and with the three required documents, which are:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Proof of address e.
  • An identity document with photo (on the INE page you will find the complete list of valid documents for this procedure, in addition to those already mentioned).

The procedure is simple; however, It requires patience and availability of time to participate on the day, date and time you scheduled to perform the procedure. Then you have to sign your new signature at your INE and wait – the time indicated in the form you are going to – for them to deliver your credentials.

Risks and complications of changing your INE signature

Although changing your signature isn’t as complicated as change your name It should be noted that the change your signature it could bring you complications costs and having to spend more time doing more paperwork.

This is because if with your previous signature you have signed official documents at the bank or any institution and / or branch, you will have to go and make the relevant modification.

The process for validate your new signature It varies according to the entity, but it is important to check your signature and change it with the new one in every contract or official document you have signed, because through it, in many occasions it means authorizing a transaction, a charge, a service, responsibility, etc.

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