Is Eintracht Frankfurt now threatened with a relegation battle? That’s what cult kicker Jan Aage Fjörtoft says

There are enough warning examples: Is Eintracht Frankfurt now about to crash in the Bundesliga by participating in the Champions League?

Frankfurt am Main – Eintracht Frankfurt Former professional footballer Jan Age Fjörtoft (55) does not expect his ex-club to benefit from participating in the Champions League could get into relegation trouble in the Bundesliga.

With the victory in the Europa League and participation in the Champions League, does Eintracht Frankfurt now crash in the Bundesliga? No, ex-professional Jan Age Fjörtoft (55) is sure. © Image montage: dpa/Arne Dedert, dpa/Andreas Arnold

“I’m often asked if the title and the Champions League can’t also be a danger,” writes the Norwegian his column for the “Bild” newspaper. “And if you look at the examples of Schalke, HSV, Stuttgart or Bremen, the question is justified.”

For these clubs, participation in the Champions League was the beginning of a sporting crash that ultimately led to relegation.

“Sure, it’s true: the moment you win a title, you can be happy for a minute,” said the former crowd favorite of the Hessians, who played for Eintracht from 1998 to 2001.

Eintracht Frankfurt
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But after that you are already the hunted, who has to defend the title, who has to improve to keep the level. Frankfurt had qualified for the premier class by winning the Europa League in the final against Glasgow Rangers.

“Nevertheless, I’m not worried because everyone in this team has a great motivation to improve,” wrote Fjörtoft.

In addition, there are people with the right values ​​in so many key positions in the club: “Which means that only players who also represent these values ​​are brought on.”

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