Is drinking too much coffee bad for our body? Here is the expert opinion


Coffee and Italians really go hand in hand. How proud are we of our delicious espresso? We exported it everywhere. And every time we boast about it. It is known that coffee for Italians is a solid basis of tradition. And we just can’t help it! Is an Italian who doesn’t have a coffee in the morning really an Italian? In every break from work or during a chat with a friend, we happen to have some coffee. But sometimes we happen to overdo it. But is drinking too much coffee bad for our body? Here is the expert opinion.

Is drinking too much coffee bad for our body? Here is the expert opinion

Few manage to give up the pleasure of coffee. There caffeine accompanies us at different times of our day. But sometimes you even get a little scared of it. What if taking too much of it hurts us? The experts of ProiezionidiBorsa have an answer. Drinking too much coffee is bad. When we take too much caffeine, we go I run into risks. This could really worsen our quality of life. What do we mean by too many coffees? Well, for example, for us the limit is 5 cups a day. And we are keeping wide!

What happens to my body if I drink too much coffee?

First of all, keep in mind that coffee can be addictive. So if you experience a headache or tiredness, well, you will want a coffee. And this is not good for your health! In addition, caffeine increases pressure. This is a real danger for those who already have high blood pressure. Not to mention the heartbeat and insomnia!

In addition, intestinal imbalances and abdominal pain can occur. Then also think about energy. The fact that coffee gives so much to our body is only an urban legend. Caffeine makes us feel energetic in the right doses. But not if you exceed 5 cups a day!

And most importantly, if you take 5, beware of sugar. Try to avoid it. Not only is it not good for your line, but your body can also be affected!

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