Is David Jackson the Least Favorite Bachelor Among Women?

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Is David Jackson Running Away From Women? After two voluntary departures, more baskets for the bachelor’s degree are to follow in the coming episode.

Mexico – In the current season of “The Bachelor”, more and more women are getting ahead of the Rosenkavalier: As RTL reports on the new episode, which will not be broadcast until next Wednesday (March 29), two women are giving Rosenkavalier David Jackson (32 ) a basket.

Warning, spoilers! These “Bachelor” candidates leave voluntarily

First, Giovanna (27) is looking for a conversation with David on the next night of the roses, as a preview of the new episode shows. “I really like you,” begins the 27-year-old and is directly interrupted by the bachelor: “My sensors go on.” Giovanna found that she was no longer disappointed when she was not invited to a date. She saw that as a sign “that maybe I’m not right here after all”. David fully understands this: “It’s a shame. But that’s something I can totally understand.” The two walk out of the conversation peacefully. “There were only eleven left” – for the time being…

Only a little later, Tamara (29) approached the bachelor. “My antennas go on,” notes the bachelor. “I’m so sorry,” explains the 29-year-old. “I just don’t feel that way. I’m really, really homesick,” she says through tears. David hugs her directly, but also shows understanding again. “I appreciate you being so honest.”

Bachelor David Jackson reaches for tequila

The other ten girls know how to comfort the bachelor directly: “What would you like to drink?” The tequila is promptly unpacked. “Anyone else want to say something?” David asks the group afterwards. “At this point I am of course happy about every woman who puts up with me voluntarily and is still here.”

Bachelor David Jackson and RTL candidates
Bachelor David Jackson actually wanted to find love in the RTL dome show, but he ran away with a number of candidates © RTL / RTL +

Giovanna and Tamara are not the only ones who have rebuffed the bachelor. Fiona (29) and Danielle (28) also said goodbye in two previous episodes. The bachelor also received a nasty rebuff from Lisa M. – and of all things for a single date! Sources used:

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