Is coronavirus still dangerous? Czech experts are raising a warning finger

The Czechs no longer want to hear or hear about the general obligation to wear veils. At the same time, they had to return to a number of districts and regions due to the development of the epidemiological situation. Nevertheless, indifference seems to be many times more indifferent in domestic society than during the spring peak of the crisis.

Coronavirus has ceased to be perceived by many as a major threat. However, according to experts, it is premature to take such attitudes. “Any loss of humility to nature, which is the virus, can make anyone ugly. Coronavirus can flood intensive care units before any of our reactions occur. ” said epidemiologist Rastislav Maďar.

Former crisis staff chief Roman Prymula is a bit more optimistic. “The coronavirus has not disappeared. What is clear is that the waveforms are lighter. However, we do not affect it much, it is a function of the virus. He mutated in some way, “said Prymula.

Summer weather can also be behind the easier course of those infected. “One does not receive such an infectious dose as when one is indoors, in the fall and winter,” the government’s health and research commissioner explained.

This is how Rastislav Maďar commented on the development of the epidemiological situation:

The Hungarian also agrees with Prymula, but we should not calm down. “In the autumn, various respiratory infections will settle, either at the same time or one after the other, and will weaken the human body. When a coronavirus comes into play, it can suddenly endanger someone who is not in the risk group, “the Hungarian fears.

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Veils are still the most effective

Prymula recalls that it is appropriate to continue the safe behavior that many people have abandoned after the loosening of government regulations. “We still have nothing more than the three basic means. And that’s the social distance, let’s say two meters, then we have hand disinfection. In terms of transmission, veils are the most effective means. If not mandated across the board, people could evaluate where their deployment is appropriate and where not,“he appeals.

According to the Hungarian, the coronavirus will not disappear anywhere. If the vaccine cannot be developed, we will first know in the first half of next year how the lifestyle risk can best be adapted to the risk of infection.

But the biggest challenge now is autumn and the potential second wave associated with it. “The values ​​here may actually be higher than in the spring. I think that’s directly probable. However, the number of hospitalized should be lower. We are now on a weak third of the spring count, “Prymula predicts.

More than 17 million people worldwide have become infected since the beginning of the pandemic, and 670,000 patients have succumbed to Covid-19. The Czechia has over 16,000 confirmed cases, of which more than 4,200 are active. 378 people died in the Czech Republic, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health.

Record 101 positive tests for coronavirus in Prague. Watch the TV Nova report:

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