Is BCG Vaccine Effective Against Corona?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – New research will be carried out in English. This study will test whether the tuberculosis (TBC) vaccine, which is widely used by frontline officers in the UK, is effective in fighting the corona (Covid-19).

The Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine has been used to protect against tuberculosis. It induces a broad innate immune system response and has been shown to protect against infections or other severe respiratory pathogens.

“BCG has been shown to increase immunity in general, which may offer protection against Covid-19,” said Professor John Campbell, of the University of Exeter Medical School. Reuters.

“We are working to determine whether the BCG vaccine can help protect people at risk of Covid-19. If so, we can save lives by providing or augmenting these existing and cost-effective vaccines.”

This study is part of an Australian chaired test. Previously, testing has been carried out since April, and was carried out in the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil.

The BCG vaccine is also being tested in South Africa. In the UK alone, an estimated 10,000 volunteers will be recruited.

Corona in the UK has infected 603,716 people. There were an additional 12,872 new cases yesterday, according to the data Worldometers.

There were a total of 42,825 deaths in total. Yesterday’s data, the number increased by 65 people.

Meanwhile, WHO said the BCG vaccine has the potential to bridge the gap about the corona vaccine. “This will be an important tool in overcoming Covid-19 and future pandemics,” said WHO Chairman Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, quoted from BBC International.

However, the BCG vaccine cannot be a long-term solution. The immunity of someone who gets BCG as a child may be reduced.

The UK has not used the BCG vaccine since 2005. Low TB rates in the country.

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