Is a divorce stuck? Till cast Loboda for her romance with a blue designer

The “clamps” on each corner with Bicholla’s best friend finally came out to Sveta sideways.

Singer Svetlana Loboda and her beloved German rocker Til Lindemann maintain a romance in the distance. Naturally, this is difficult to do, but in all the interviews, Sveta admits that she feels amazing. The reason for this, as it turned out, is not sincere devotion to Til, but the “replacement” that the star has in his homeland for a while, while Lindemann is not around. A new favorite who follows Loboda at every step is Anzor Tetradze, better known as Bicholla, a fashionable Georgian designer. The only problem is that Lindemann found out about the missus’s adventures. Sveta already for a long time took advantage of the fact that the German lover does not particularly sit on social networks. Loboda showed this sad photo in an embrace with food. Surely the available compromising material was enough for Till to lose his temper, because Loboda’s chicken wings clearly seize the divorce.

It is also interesting that the press repeatedly accused Bicholla of having a non-standard sexual orientation, but Loboda proved that this does not bother her at all. Apparently, Svetlana took the responsibility to “naturalize” Tetradze and again interest him in girls … with the help of herself. In this case, the singer made the only mistake – she forgot about the proverb that it is impossible to sit on two chairs. So Till finally found out that missus doesn’t mean faithful, because while the rocker travels around the world on tours and hopes that the singer awaits him with awe, Loboda found a replacement for Tilla and has fun with him.

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Naturally, a break with Lindemann would be a real blow for Loboda. Given the rumors that she gave birth to her youngest daughter exactly from the lead singer of Rammstein, the situation may become even more difficult for Svetlana, because she certainly will not be able to share the child with a star of the Thiel scale. Surely after that, she will regret very much about the unnecessary affair with Bicholla, but it will be too late.


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