Irwan Mussry Agrees Not To Have Children, Maia Estianty Opens The Story Behind It: He Was Abandoned by His Father

PR TASIKMALAYA – Almost three years of marriage, Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry have agreed not to have child.

Of course the decision Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry this makes many people wonder about the reason behind it.

But who would have thought, there is a strong story that influences the decision Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry don’t plan to add child.

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Through his discussions together Kalina Ocktaranny and Mommy Emma, Maia Estianty tells the story that eventually drives him and Irwan Mussry agree not have child.

Quoted from Youtube channel Mommy Emma The channel uploaded on July 21, 2021, Vicky Prasetyo’s mother questioned the plan Maia Estianty about the baby.

Maia Estianty even emphatically stated that he had no intention of giving a sister to Al The Dul.

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“No (added) child),” said Maia Estianty to Mommy Emma.



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