Irving (Nets) cleared to train in New York, but not play

Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn) had her ban on training at the Nets’ facilities lifted on Friday, The Athletic reports.

New York City Hall nevertheless still denies him the right to play at home because of his unvaccinated status.

The reason why the star can again take part in sessions with his teammates is because the municipality has recognized that the HSS Training Center is a private building, and as such it could have access.

However, this is not the case with the Barclays Center, the room where the Nets play. And as long as the player does not present proof of at least one dose of vaccine received, according to the decree issued by the city at the end of August, he will not be able to defend the colors of his team.

Asked at a press conference, his coach Steve Nash said he was hopeful Irving would join the team for practice on Saturday, but was not sure yet. ‘It’s positive to be able to welcome him back to our premises and finally see him back on the team again … It looks like this is positive news,’ he said.

Half of the matches

If he refuses to comment on the issue, Kyrie Irving’s refusal to be vaccinated is the only explanation for his current situation with regard to local authorities. A situation which could prove detrimental for his team which could have to do without him for half of the matches of the regular season, that is to say 41, without counting possible matches at home in play-off.

The NBA, not forcing its players to be vaccinated, instituted a very restrictive health protocol for the unvaccinated and decided that those who missed matches for this reason would see their wages reduced. For Irving, that loss would amount to $ 381,000 per unplayed game.




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