Irritating staplers and vague texts: many complaints at LAKS on the first day of exams

Most complaints concerned the Dutch exam for vwo, followed by the German exam for havo.

Students complained that the first two texts for the Dutch exam were too long, which, in combination with the many open questions, led to a stressful exam with a lot of rushing. Havo students complained about the German exam that one of the texts was ‘too vague’.

Today was the first day of exams after two years of home study and lockdowns.

Stapler sounds

Furthermore, just like last year, there were also complaints about the HAVO exam in geography, because of the map section that students had to staple together. “That caused the first fifteen minutes of the exam to be disturbed by sounds of staplers. There were also large sheets that took up part of the table,” a LAKS spokesperson told ANP news agency.

Last year, the LAKS received a total of more than 212,000 complaints in the first period alone. That was a record. According to the students, this was mainly due to the consequences of the corona pandemic. Students found themselves at home during lockdowns and faced stress and insecurity.

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