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It seems that a new sequel is added to the list of conditions that COVID-19 brings with it. Irritated colon syndrome could be related to the virus.

On Case report of restless anal syndrome as restless legs syndrome variant after COVID-19 The medical history of a patient who had COVID and later developed irritated colon syndrome was reported.

Weeks after having suffered from COVID, and after being discharged, a 77-year-old patient began to experience discomfort and discomfort in the colon. This worsened when he was at rest and diminished when he did physical activity, clear symptoms of the disease.

It is important to note that before becoming ill with COVID, the patient had not presented signs or symptoms of irritated colon syndrome and had no relatives with this condition.

He also had no medical conditions that could lead to the syndrome, such as diabetes mellitus, iron deficiency anemia, kidney dysfunction, spinal cord dysfunction, and anorectal disorders.

A colposcopy was performed which revealed internal hemorrhoids, part of the irritated colon syndrome. Appropriate treatment was prescribed.

Why link COVID with the syndrome?

In almost two years of the COVID pandemic, various studies have highlighted the various effects that the virus leaves on the human body. One of them is damage to the nervous system.

” This virus can spread to the central nervous system through several potential routes, including hematogenous spread and destruction of the olfactory bulb. Reported neuropsychiatric manifestations of COVID-19 have included delirium, confessional states, dysfunctional smell and taste sensation, acute psychosis, encephalitis, and acute cerebrovascular events during COVID-19 ”, the report reads.

Irritated colon syndrome originates from central nervous system dysfunction.

This is the first official case to be recorded where there is a direct relationship between COVID and irritated colon syndrome and may reflect the associative impacts of COVID-19 on the neuropsychiatric state.

” The causal relationship remains unclear due to a case report. The syndrome related to COVID-19 may be underdiagnosed and we must pay attention to similar cases to clarify the relationship, ” the report explains.



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