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Iron Man 4: Could Tony Stark have left armor for his heiress, Ironheart?


For the time being, Iron Man is the only original Avenger not to be replaced in Phase 4 of the MCU, but things cannot stay as they are for very long! Played by the famous Robert Downey Jr. from 2008 to 2019, this superhero began his career on the screen as an arrogant billionaire playboy, before ending it by sacrificing him for the common good. A sacred evolution of career, ambitions and character, which makes his narrative arc one of the most successful in the Marvel cinematic universe. Spectators are particularly attached to this vigilante in red and golden armor, and their biggest wish is that his legacy continue on the big screen.

Tony Stark

Knowing that Marvel studios have given the green light to a fourth installment for the franchise Thor, thanks to the undisputed success of Ragnarok of Taika Waititi, it is not impossible that they do the same for Iron Man. If that turns out to be the case, we could for example learn that Tony Stark had foreseen his death beforeAvengers Endgame, and that he planned to bequeath armor to a specific person. And why not Ironheart, his successor in comic books, who will soon be the heroine of his own Disney + series according to the Cinema Spot site? The billionaire may have met the brilliant and fearless Riri Williams at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during one of his speeches. As you know, it was at this university that he studied when he was young.

Iron Man
Iron Man

However, without saying anything to anyone (neither to his wife Pepper Potts, nor to his protégé Peter Parker, nor to his friend Happy Hogan), he could have befriended one of the students, surprised by his intelligence and his passion . Having detected in her the ideal capacities to replace him in case he died, he would have hidden armor for her, which she should find thanks to secret codes that only she can decipher. It would be the perfect opportunity for her to prove herself, and join the MCU without being expected! It could even be Spider-Man, whom Tony Stark wanted to register with MIT, who would bring him the clues leading to the legacy of Iron Man. It would not be the first time that the spider-man has important information without knowing it … This would be exciting, at least as much as discovering Yelena Belova as the official heiress of Natasha Romanoff !


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