Irina Antonenko had to gain extra weight for the series “Magomaev”

Irina Antonenko

28-year-old Irina Antonenko easily agreed to recover for the sake of filming. As the actress noted, if she did not, then there would be no similarity between her and Tamara Sinyavskaya. “I had to keep myself in shape, but more rounded. How many kilograms I had to gain, I do not remember. I remember just at that time I ate a lot. One day could eat a few burgers and a cake. That was cool! But I quickly lost weight, although I didn’t do anything on purpose, ”Irina shared.

Antonenko added to get used to the role she not only sacrificed a figure, but also carefully studied the biography of Tamara Ilyinichna. “Since I had the honor to play Sinyavskaya, I watched all her interviews, looked at her facial expressions and conversations. I even watched all her performances. And then she fell in love. When I performed it on stage, I realized that the opera is something amazing, like another world, ”the artist said.

Note that the beloved Muslim Magomayev personally entrusted Irina Antonenko to play herself. Moreover, 76-year-old Tamara Sinyavskaya chose Milos Bikovich for the lead role.

The artists who played the main roles were selected by Tamara Sinyavskaya

The artists who played the main roles were selected by Tamara Sinyavskaya

According to Antonenko, she has not yet managed to meet with Tamara Ilyinichna personally. However, Irina hopes that this will happen soon. “I have a lot of work. I would really like to know her opinion, but I’m afraid. What if she didn’t like the show or how did I play it? I would also like to talk more with her not only about the film, but also on personal topics, ”she admitted.

Costume designs for the series “Magomayev” – dresses by Tamara Sinyavskaya and Muslim jackets

By the way, the artist believes that Sinyavskaya was lucky to be with such a gallant gentleman as Muslim Magomayev. “Now there are practically no real men, they have died out like mammoths. Now the men are rude: they do not know how to talk beautifully, to care for. If before people communicated with each other on “you”, now a stranger can “poke” you. There was a lot of rudeness, ”said Miss Russia 2010.

According to Irina, modern men have ceased to seek and appreciate women. The actress noted that even the weaker sex often sees nothing but financial support. “This is a problem for women, because most of them have become available. But because of this, men stopped doing anything for normal and honest women. They think, if one turns its nose, I’ll go to the other. This is from my personal observation of what is happening around, ”said the actress.

We add that Antonenko was still delighted with her partner – Milos Bikovich. The actress stated that it was incredibly easy to work with an artist of Serbian descent. She also admitted that a colleague gives the impression of an intelligent and decent man. “Milos is an amazing person and it was very easy for me to play with him, including love. I had sympathy as a person. I deeply respect my partner because he works so much on himself, on the role and gives all his best, ”Irina summed up.

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