Irfan Bachdim’s compliments for Jack Brown’s appearance


Appearance sip Jack Brown moment U-19 Indonesian national team vs Northern Macedonia a flood of praise. He is called look-alike Irfan Bachdim, the PSS Sleman player was also flattering.

The British player successfully scored two goals and became the star of victory for Shin Tae-yong’s squad. Young Garuda won 4-1 over North Macedonia.

After the match, Jack Brown’s name was hailed on social media feeds. Even the 18-year-old’s action against the North Macedonia National Team was said to be similar to that of Irfan Bachdim.

“Jack Brown’s fighting spirit is crazy, just like Irfan Bachdim,” tweeted the account @fafaandrianto.

The news was also heard by Irfan Bachdim. The 31-year-old man who is also one of the pillars of the senior national team thinks that Garuda Muda has shown encouraging progress for the team.

“The U-19 Indonesian National Team is showing a better and stronger game,” said Irfan Bachdim to reporters, Monday (12/10/2020).

Jack Brown celebrates goal against North Macedonia. Photo: doc. PSSI

Bachdim said he was happy with the performance Jack Brown. The 18-year-old player started the U-19 vs North Macedonia national team match on the bench.

Entering in the 20th minute to replace the injured Braif Fatari, Jack Brown’s first goal was only created in the 58th minute. Jack Brown could only score a second goal in the 68th minute.

Jack Brown’s performance received praise from Bachdim, who said Jack appeared with high determination and never gave up.

“When he came in, he was able to take the opportunity to score goals. I know he works hard and never gives up. He reaps the results. The two goals were a gift for him,” said the former Bali United player.

Bachdim also hopes that the U-19 National Team will continue to be enthusiastic and learn. He also reminded that Jack Brown et al are not lulled by public praise and remain focused.

“Stay enthusiastic for the National Team, you can’t be complacent, or get puffed up because your name is mentioned in the media,” said Irfan.

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