Iraqi Artist Sattar Saad’s “If You Own Me Al-Alam” Achieves Record Views

The song “If You Own Me Al-Alam” by the Iraqi artist Sattar Saad achieved record numbers of views for the clip, which was directed by the Lebanese director Risha Sarkis, and was filmed in the city of Jbeil, in which Sattar appears in romantic scenes that reflected the lyrics of the song and told the story of two lovers spending an enjoyable summer vacation between the Batroun Falls and the Byblos beach.

The song “If They Owned Me” is written by Qusai Issa, composed by Hammam Ibrahim and arranged by Zuhair Hasadi.

Two days after its release, the song came close to achieving half a million views of the clip on YouTube, which indicates the audience’s approval and great interaction.

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