Iran’s admission – “Communication defect” apparently led to the plane being shot down – News

  • The Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran was accidentally shot down by Iran. The Iranian state television reports.
  • “Human error” is therefore responsible for the launch. A defect in the military communication system led to the launch.
  • Iran’s Revolutionary Guards take full responsibility for the accident, according to their Air Force chief Amirali Hajisadeh.

Regarding the event, a commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard declared that the Ukrainian passenger plane approached a strategically important military facility on Wednesday, was accidentally classified as an enemy cruise missile and was finally shot down.

According to the military, there were several US threats to attack Iranian targets on the day of the accident. Therefore, there was “highest alert”.

I wish I could die and shouldn’t have witnessed such a misfortune.

The Air Force chief of the Revolutionary Guard, Amir Ali Hajisadeh, declared the shooting down on Iranian state television with a mistake. The machine was thought to be a cruise missile and was then shot down with a short-range missile.

Air Force chief Hajisadeh at a press conference in September 2019.


Air Force chief Hajisadeh regrets the accidental shooting down of the passenger plane. (Archive picture: September 2019)

Keystone / archive

According to Hajisadeh, the officer in charge of the headquarters wanted to report the danger, but at that point there was a defect in the communication system – which, however, is not a justification. According to Hajisade, the officer had only a few seconds to decide whether or not to fire an anti-aircraft missile. “And unfortunately he did, which led to the accident,” said the commandant.

The person responsible is brought before the military court

The Air Force chief assumed full responsibility for the plane crash on behalf of the Revolutionary Guards. “I wish I could die and shouldn’t have witnessed such a misfortune.”

The Iranian press release also said that the person responsible for the shooting would be brought before a military court. The armed forces apologized to the victim families and promised that such a “mistake” would no longer occur.

Iran publishes preliminary results

Open the person boxClose the person box

The Iranian armed forces released the first investigation results in a statement:

  1. The Iranian armed forces were on high alert after attacking military bases in Iraq used by US soldiers. There were also “threats from the criminal American president and military commanders”.

  2. After the Iranian missile attacks, more and more US fighter planes rose up around Iran. There were also reports of aerial targets heading for “strategic centers” in the Islamic Republic. Several targets were seen on the radar screens.

  3. In this crisis situation, UIA flight PS752 turned after taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport and came close to a “secret military facility” of the Revolutionary Guards. He had acted like an “enemy target”. The plane was hit because of “human error,” which “unfortunately resulted in the martyrdom of many of our beloved compatriots and the death of a number of foreign nationals.”

  4. The armed forces express their “sympathy” to the relatives of the victims and assure that changes in the work processes would “make such a mistake impossible to repeat”. The person responsible should be transferred to the military judiciary immediately.

  5. Finally, the «representatives of the Revolutionary Guard in question» are asked to «provide the honorable population with detailed explanations in the state media as soon as possible».

Public admission

Previously, Iran had vehemently denied shooting for days and declared that a technical defect was the cause. Among the casualties, 57 were Canadians.

President Hassan Rohani expressed his regret several times today and promised a thorough investigation: “This unforgivable incident must be legally followed up.” The families of the victims should be compensated.

The launch was a “great tragedy and an unforgivable mistake,” wrote the Iranian President Hassan Rohani on Twitter.

Partial debt of the USA

Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Sarif wrote on Twitter about a «sad day». He apologized to the families of the victims and the Iranian population. He further wrote: “Human error in times of crisis, caused by the adventurousness of the United States, has led to this disaster.”

The Boeing 737 crashed on Wednesday when it took off in Tehran. The plane was on its way to the Ukrainian capital Kiev. All 176 people on board were killed.

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