Iranian women need certificates to prove their virginity before marriage

  • Firouzeh Akbarian and Sophia Petitza
  • World Service – BBC News

4 hours ago

photo released, Manual Bonomi

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Maryam’s husband asked her to bring him a virginity certificate because she did not bleed after sex

In Iran, virginity before marriage is important to many girls and their families. Sometimes, men ask to prove their virginity – a practice that the World Health Organization considers a human rights violation. But over the past year, an increasing number of Iranians have started calling for it to be abolished.

“You tricked me into marrying you because you are not a virgin. No one would marry you if they knew the truth.”

This is what Maryam’s husband said when they had sex for the first time.

She assured him that although she was not bleeding, she had never had sex before. But despite her assurances, the husband did not believe her, and asked her to produce a certificate to prove her virginity.