Iranian ship attacked by Israel reportedly damaged, considered home base

TEHERAN, – Closed shipping Iran Saviz who is considered Israel and Saudi Arabia as a base for Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces has been damaged by being attacked with a sticky bomb.

Saudi Arabian Media Al-Hadath TV reported the attack on Tuesday (6/4/2021), citing unnamed sources.

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An office United States of America (AS) who spoke on condition of anonymity told The New York Times that Israel was behind the attack.

The official added that Israel had reported the attack to the US on Tuesday morning Russian Today.

He added that Israel launched the attack in retaliation for the attack ship– Israeli ships carried by Iran.

Israel and Saudi Arabia have long accused Saviz of being a base for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in the Red Sea in territorial waters near Yemen and Eritrea.

Iran’s semi-official news agency, Tasnim, confirming that there had been an attack on Saviz.

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Tasnim reported that the attack came from a stick bomb placed in the hull of the ship.

“Saviz has been stationed in the Red Sea over the past few years to support Iranian commandos dispatched to escort commercial ships,” reports Tasnim.

However, Iran has yet to issue an official statement regarding the attack on Saviz.

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According to the US Naval Institute (USNI), Saviz has been virtually immobile for the past three years on the Red Sea.

Ship it is suspected of providing surveillance of marine traffic coming through the Red Sea.

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The Red Sea is the main shipping route from Asia and the Middle East to Europe which then passes through the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Many of the world‘s navies are on standby in these waters, as they have become one of the favorite spots of action for pirates operating from parts of Somalia.

The incident on Tuesday occurred when Iran met envoys from Russia, China, Germany, France and Britain at Fault, Austria, to discuss the fate of the deal nuclear 2015.

The US itself was not present at the meeting.

Nonetheless, the administration of US President Joe Biden has signaled Washington to rejoin the deal.

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The reason is, in 2018, former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from the nuclear deal.

Alleged attacks on Saviz also come amid a shadow war on the high seas between Israel and Iran that has escalated in recent months.

In mid-March, closed cargo Iran Shahr-e Kord was reportedly damaged in the Mediterranean Sea.

Meanwhile, Israel said that the freighter Lori, which sailed from Tanzania to India, was hit by a missile in the Arabian sea two weeks ago.

In late February, there was an explosion on the Israeli ship Helios Ray in the Gulf of Oman. Both Iran and Israel accuse each other of the incident.

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Investigations carried out by newspapers from Israel, Haaretz, in March it claimed that Israel and Iran have been engaged in an “economic war” over the past two and a half years.

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