Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed in “New and Complicated” Operation

TEHERAN, – Iran states, scientist nuclear they were killed in a “new and complicated operation”, where Israel and the opposition was held responsible.

The statement was quoted by the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani AFP Monday (30/11/2020).

Shamkhani said, the operation was to kill Mohsen Fakhrizadeh executed in such a complicated and involving electronic equipment.

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He said the opposition group Iranian Mujahidin People (MEK) together with the Israeli government and their secret agency, Mossad.

“The enemy is using professional, new and complex methods to achieve their goals,” explained Shamkhani without elaborating on the weapon in question.

The semi-official Fars media reported, without citing sources, that the attack on Fakhrizadeh was carried out using a machine gun mounted on a truck.

On Saturday (28/11/2020), President Hassan Rouhani accused Israel of being a US “mercenary” for carrying out the murder.

Previously, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh died of his wounds after receiving treatment from being shot in the city of Absard on Friday (27/11/2020).

The 62-year-old nuclear scientist was shot by an unidentified person, with earlier witnesses claiming to have heard the sound of an explosion.

Shamkhani alleges that Tel Aviv plotted to kill Fakhrizadeh for the past 20 years, during which they also ship his movement.

At Fakhrizadeh’s funeral ceremony in Tehran, Shamkhani claimed that security forces had actually predicted where the scientist would be killed.

“Unfortunately, because the frequency of reporting on this threat has decreased in the last 20 years, the attitude of being prepared is much reduced,” he explained.

According to Defense Minister Amir Hatami, Fakhrizadeh is one of his representatives, and is in charge of the research and development section, including nuclear.

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