Iran Will Never Have Nuclear Weapons

Iranian nuclear. PHOTO/Fars

TEL AVIV – Head of the Intelligence Service Israel , Mossad , David Barnea said, that Israel will do “whatever it takes” to ensure Iran never developed nuclear weapons. He also stressed that a bad nuclear deal between world powers “is intolerable.”

“It is clear that uranium does not need to be enriched to 60 percent for civilian purposes,” Barnea said. “There is no need for three sites with thousands of active centrifuges, unless there is an intention to develop nuclear weapons,” he continued, as quoted from, Friday (12/3/2021).

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Barnea criticized the Iran deal, calling it a “bad deal,” and devaluing efforts to restore it. “Iran fights for regional hegemony, operates the same terrorists we deal with every day around the world, and continues to threaten the stability of the Middle East,” Barnea said.

“Therefore, our eyes are wide open. We are ready and we will act with our counterparts in the defense agencies to do what is necessary to keep the threat away from the State of Israel, and thwart it at all costs,” he added.

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“Iran will not have nuclear weapons, not in the years to come, never will,” he said. Currently, talks between Iran and world powers are taking place in Vienna. Iran itself has proposed reducing sanctions as one of the elements they promote in the negotiations.

If it is true that the sanctions are lifted, or at least reduced, concerns have gripped the Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett. “Israel is very afraid about its readiness to remove sanctions and allow the flow of billions (of dollars) into Iran in return for unsatisfactory curbs on the nuclear front,” Bennett said in a televised cabinet meeting.




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