Iran rallies and shoots students at Mahsa Amini demonstration: like a battlefield

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Student protesting against death Mahsa Amini from Iran he screamed because the officers gathered them in one place, then fired blindly, like on a battlefield.

The screams came from the mouths of many students, including a friend of an Iranian teenager named Farid.

Sunday (2/10), Farid woke up when the phone suddenly rang. At the other end of the phone, his friend yelled for help.


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His friend told him he was attending a demonstration at Tehran’s Sharif University. However, the authorities responded to the demonstration with violence.

Farid immediately got up, then rode a bicycle to the elite university. Arriving at the scene, Farid saw hundreds of students detained in the parking lot.

“Please save us. We’re stuck here. They’re shooting at us,” he said CNN.

“They have guns, paintball guns, batons. They use internationally banned gas. This is a battlefield. Blood is everywhere.”

This tension has been captured in a series of videos circulating on social media and has been verified CNN.

In one video, police can be seen arresting students and taking them to motorcycles. In another video, a loud explosion is heard.

After speaking to the people around him, Farid discovered that this chaos was caused by the university who called the police.

They were angry that the students skipped class to hold the protest. During the demonstration, the students also shouted anti-government jargon.

“The students were led out by the university security team, then confronted by Sepah (Iranian troops) wearing civilian clothes,” Farid said.

“They said, ‘If you get close to the train station, we’ll shoot. Go back to the university.'”

[Gambas:Video CNN]

When about half of the students returned to campus, the officers escorted the other students to the parking lot.

“After that, the agents started shooting at them with paintballs and took them into custody in a very, very violent way,” Farid said.

According to Farid, the agents also opened fire on the university’s “three main dormitories”. Overall, authorities arrested 37 people in the incident.

The Sharif University Islamic Students Association urged “all professors and students of Sharif University not to attend classes until all detained students have been released.”

Although the atmosphere inside the university gradually calmed down, there were still many students hiding in the building.

“As we speak now, there are still students hiding in universities, parking lots or professors’ rooms,” Farid said.

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