Iran: Protests after “honor killing” of 14-year-old Romina Ashrafi

EViolent protests across the country in the murder of a 14-year-old in Iran. According to the state news agency IRNA, President Hassan Ruhani called for stricter laws in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Her own father had killed 14-year-old Romina Ashrafi in the city of Talesch on the Caspian Sea. She had reportedly fallen in love with an older boy and ran away with him. When the girl came home last week, she was beheaded by her father in her sleep. The police arrested the father.

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Iranian law only provides for a “diya” – a compensation payment to the victim’s family members – for allegedly honor-related killing of close relatives and a prison term of no more than ten years. The death penalty or life imprisonment is usually the subject of murder in Iran.

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Many Iranians were outraged by the fact on social media. At the same time, they protested the government and judiciary, which in the 41 years since the Islamic Revolution had failed to change the relevant laws.

Ruhani’s women’s representative, Massumeh Ebtekar, wrote on Twitter that she hoped that the laws in this regard would be reformed in the future and that the perpetrators would be punished more severely. Even the conservative judiciary wants to investigate the case in a special court.


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