Iran: Long-distance nuclear scientist liquidated

The attack on Iranian scientist Fakhrizadeh, near Tehran on Friday, was not committed by armed men but with remotely operated weapons. That said the secretary of Iran’s National Security Council today the funeral of the scientist who died in the attack. Iran insists that Israel is behind it.

“It was a very complex operation performed with the help of electronic equipment,” said Secretary Shamkhani. “Nobody was there.” His explanation of the events is at odds with the explanation given earlier. It mentioned a truck that exploded as Fakhrizadeh passed. After that, armed men would have opened fire and shot the scientist and a bodyguard.

Iranian TV also previously broadcast an interview with a man who said he witnessed the shooting and saw the unknown gunmen.

No evidence whatsoever

“Iran has not yet shown any evidence for its theories,” said Middle East correspondent Daisy Mohr. She thinks this proof will never come.

“It will probably suit the regime if it has gone this way. If Fakhrizadeh was killed by armed men and these men could get away unseen, it is an embarrassment to the regime and the security forces. It is anyway.”


Iran says the attack is the work of arch enemy Israel. That country would have killed Fakhrizadeh and earlier also other Iranian nuclear scientists to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Israel refrains from commenting on the liquidation.

Two years ago, the scholar was mentioned by name by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in a television presentation on the Iranian nuclear program: “Fakhrizadeh, remember that name.”

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