Iran inaugurates a new air base.. Will it pave the way for advanced Russian aircraft?

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The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Mohammad Bagheri, inaugurated, on Tuesday, a base “Eqab 44”, the army’s tactical air force, in preparation for receiving modern warplanes, according to a propaganda report broadcast on state television.

While Bagheri did not specify the geographical location of this base, the report claims that there are several similar bases, capable of accepting and operating all types of combat aircraft and bombers, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles for the army’s air force.

Iran also claims that this large base is located underground, and will be able to receive and use the “modern” fighters of the Air Force.

It appears to be a reference to Tehran’s request from Russia He sold it Sukhoi 35 fighters, thus replacing its third-generation aircraft that remained from the Shah’s era with modern Russia.

This is what you expect from Moscow after it provided it with suicide marches that were used in the military operation in Ukraine.

According to the report’s allegations, “Oqab 44 is one of the many underground tactical air bases of the Iranian Air Force, which were established in accordance with civil defense standards throughout the country during the past years, and to meet the needs of this armed force.”

It is noteworthy that the Iranian army had revealed, in late May 2022, a similar underground base, but it was exclusively for drones.

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