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On Thursday night, the FBI and the US intelligence committee informed that they had found out that Iran, among other things, had tried to interfere in the upcoming presidential election.

US authorities have concluded that Iran is behind threatening emails sent to democratic voters. The emails are said to have been from the far-right group Proud Boys, writes Washington Post.

“We want to warn the public that we have identified that two foreign actors, Iran and Russia, have taken actions to influence the opinions of people in connection with the election,” the head of the intelligence committee, John Ratcliffe, said at a press conference with FBI Director Christopher Wray. night to Thursday Norwegian time.

They also state that Iran and Russia have gained access to information about registered voters.

– This information is used by foreign actors in an attempt to communicate false information to registered voters, which they in turn hope can create confusion, chaos and make you insecure about American democracy.

– Will ruin for Trump

The Intelligence Committee has already discovered that Iran has sent emails designed to intimidate voters and destroy President Donald Trump.

– Iran has also sent out other content, such as a video that suggests that you can send in fake ballot papers, even from abroad. That video is not true. These are desperate attempts, says Ratcliffe.

They emphasize to the American people that their votes in the election are secure. At the same time it is pointed out that they have not seen similar trades from Russia.

– We are aware that they have some voter information, which they had in 2016. But be sure that we are prepared for the possibility that there may be attempts from those who are opposed to democracy.

– Will not tolerate foreign interference

The intelligence chief also points out that this is not a political-partisan statement.

– We give you the most powerful weapon we have to fight such attempts: the truth. Information. We ask all Americans to do their part of the job. And it’s quite simple: Do not let such attempts have the effect they want. Do not panic if you receive such emails, and do not spread them.

It is less than two weeks until the US election, and millions have already voted in advance.

“We will not tolerate foreign interference in the election,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray.

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