Iran bears full responsibility for shooting down Ukrainian plane, says Canadian government – CT24 – Czech Television

Canada says Iran’s civilian and military authorities are to blame for the disaster. According to Iran, the rocket that shot down the plane was fired by a soldier who did not receive a direct order to do so. Many countries have accused Tehran of obstructing an independent investigation into the incident.

Although the report mentions that the air defense operator probably made the decision to fire the missiles himself, it also concludes that the accident would not have been without the “incompetence, recklessness and reckless indifference to human life” of Iranian senior officials.

“From a legal point of view, (Canadians) have no authority to carry out a unilateral or arbitrary report or comment on an air accident outside their jurisdiction,” said Mohsen Bahárvánd, Iran’s Deputy Minister of International and Legal Affairs.

“If such highly politicized and illegal Canadian actions become the norm, all countries, even the civil aviation industry, will be the main victims,” ​​Bahárvánd added.

“Iran will not be relieved of responsibility in any way,” Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said on Thursday. “He is entirely responsible for what happened,” he added. According to him, the operator made a number of erroneous decisions, which, however, could and should have been prevented. In addition, the Iranian military leadership has reacted too slowly to the failure and has not taken action quickly enough to prevent a similar incident from occurring again, he added.

Iran’s air defenses were on high alert at the time of the disaster, as Tehran had recently attacked two military bases in Iraq that hosted US troops. He wanted revenge for the assassination of a key Iranian general Kasim Solejmani in Iraq by the US five days earlier.

Canada: Iran blames lower-ranking troops

Garneau claims that Iran, in its own accident report, blames all lower-ranking troops, relieving its senior officials of responsibility. This was repeated by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to which the version of the Iranian authorities “deliberately ignores the key factors” of the whole incident.

“High-ranking officials of the (Iranian) regime have made the decision that led to this tragedy. And the world must know this and not allow them to hide behind with a handful of low-lying scapegoats with impunity, “Trudeau said.

The Canadian government is demanding reparations from Iran to compensate the victims’ relatives. She also indicated that she was considering imposing sanctions and that she might take the case to the International Criminal Court (ICC).



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