Iran announces that it fails to comply with the 2015 international nuclear agreement following the US attack

Iran announced this Sunday that end your commitment with the nuclear agreement 2015 with the world powers in the wake of the US attack that killed General Qassem Soleimani last Friday in Iraq. Meanwhile, the tension is very high in the Middle East region, due to the fury of Tehran and its allies over Washington’s war action.

The president, Donald Trump, retired unilaterally of the nuclear pact last May, renewing tensions with Iran, which has reached new heights after Friday’s air strike.

Iran’s state television has reported that it will no longer comply with the limits of the agreement, which restricted nuclear development in exchange for the reduction of crippling economic sanctions against Tehran.

The agreement put limits to uranium enrichment of the country, the amount of enriched uranium stored, as well as research and development in its nuclear activities.

The European allies of the United States have tried to save the agreement despite Trump’s decision to withdraw and impose sanctions again, but Iran has gradually reduced its commitments and now leaves the agreement in ruins.

On the other hand, the country said it remains open to negotiations with European partners.

Sunday’s announcement represents the threat nuclear proliferation clearest that Iran has done since Trump pulled the United States out of the deal.

The president, meanwhile, kept the tension high in a series of statements made by Twitter on Saturday, when he said if Tehran retaliates against the United States, they can attack up to 52 Iranian targets.

Things are especially tense in Iraq, Soleimani’s death theater and country where US troops and militias backed by Tehran are located.

The Iraqi parliament passed a resolution on Sunday calling on the Government to put an end to the foreign military presence in the country, particularly that of the United States, which leads an international coalition against the Islamic State there.

Previously, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi had defined this option as the best possible for the country.

The Washington-led international cohalition suspended training and support operations for Iraqis on this front after the facilities it uses for that purpose were targets of repeated rocket launches in the last two months, he said.

And Hasan Nasralá, the leader of the Hezbollah group in Lebanon, an ally of Iran, said that the bases, warships and US soldiers in the Middle East are now just targets in response.


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