Iran Announces Strict Covid-19 Curbs Abroad – News

For two weeks, more than half of Iran’s cities, including Tehran, will be allowed to operate only grocery stores, pharmacies, health centers and public transport, while private vehicles will be banned from moving between high-risk areas across the country and major cities during business hours.

Banking, post, communications and public services will operate at half capacity, while other public institutions will employ only a third of the staff. All Tehran schools will switch to distance learning.

In a televised address, Iranian President Hasan Ruhani urged people to comply with the demands, while promising that the government would support the country’s 30 million poorest people for four months to help them weather the pandemic-induced economic crisis.

He warned that Iran could experience a “third wave of infection” and stressed that the new restrictions should be seen as a message that the situation was indeed serious.

Since the beginning of November, the number of victims of the Covid-19 virus in Iran has risen to more than four hundred a day, and the Ministry of Health reported that 12,931 people were diagnosed in the country last day, with 841,308 and 44,327 respectively.


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