Iran.. 3 huge explosions in the city of Isfahan, one of them in a military factory

Iranian media revealed that at least 3 huge explosions occurred in the city of Isfahan, central Iran, one of which occurred at a military factory.

The Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, said on its Telegram channel that three explosions were heard in the city of Isfahan, one of which was in an ammunition manufacturing center affiliated with the Ministry of Defense.

The agency quoted a security source as saying that “at least two people were killed in the explosion in an ammunition factory,” without providing further clarifications.

While the Deputy Assistant of Isfahan Province for Security and Political Affairs denied any injuries as a result of the explosion in the factory, indicating that “the nature of this accident is being investigated, while the rescue and security forces present at the site are dispersing the crowd present at the scene.”


Some citizens reported that they heard a similar sound of anti-aircraft fire in the sky of Isfahan province, which was indicated by the “Saham News” website, which is close to the reformists, saying that the explosion that targeted the military factory was the result of a drone attack.

The Director General of Crisis Management in Isfahan Province, Mansour Shishafar, said: “Based on the citizens’ notification to relief units, abnormal sounds were heard three to four times in the area of ​​Imam Khomeini Street in Isfahan.”

And the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation stated on its website, on Saturday, that a strong explosion was heard at a military factory in the city of Isfahan, central Iran.

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A security official said he did not cause any injuries.

“The explosion occurred in one of the ammunition manufacturing centers of the Ministry of Defense, and according to the announcement of the political and security deputy to the head of Isfahan province, there were no injuries,” the agency said.

Iran records fires or explosions at industrial sites from time to time, which damage the country’s infrastructure, and is mainly blamed on technical malfunctions.

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